We're Hilo, HI's leader in business phones and systems

Here is a quick look at some of our FAQs regarding our phone service in Hilo, HI.

Can I obtain my telephones from you?

Yes. The FCC says that no matter who supplies your telephone number, or current telephone equipment, you may obtain telephone equipment from whomever you choose.  We specialize in supplying telephone equipment that will operate on 3-600 lines.

What brands do you handle?

We can supply most any brand or model as an independent company. During our design process, we look at what brands and models best fit your needs to suggest the most cost effective options.

Can you also provide the telephone number?

Yes, you have a choice. In certain circumstances we can, in conjunction with Pacific Light Net (PLN). Normally you will need a minimum of 8 phone numbers for us to do this.

Are you licensed?

We hold a C-15 (low-voltage electrical) contractors' license from the State of Hawaii (C-18377). This is necessary for computer and telephone wiring.

How long have you been in business?

Over 30 years.

What about my computer network?

We can install and certify the computer cabling and connections necessary for your network.

What about high-speed internet access?

We install cabling, routers, switches and other necessary components to connect your DSL or cable modem to your computers.

What if we already have telephones and need some service, additional jacks installed, etc?

As an independent contractor, we are able to service most telephone systems, even if they were not originally purchased from us.

What about VoIP systems?

We are fully able to provide VoIP systems.


At Communication Center Of Hawaii, we understand that running a business means facing new challenges each and every day. But one of those challenges doesn't need to be having to figure out how to streamline your communications. That's our job! You can trust our team to provide you with business phones and systems that are tailored to your needs. Your business isn't cookie-cutter, so why should your business phones be? We'll make sure you're equipped to handle all of your communications quickly, easily, and efficiently!


Whether your business focuses on customers strictly on the Big Island, or you cater to a clientele that's national or even international, we're dedicated to making sure that your business phones are up, running, and always ready to keep your communications flowing. That's our guarantee!


Communication Center Of Hawaii  has experience in creating effective solutions for today's businesses. Our business phones are built by the best in the business phone industry. We've staked our reputation on the brands we service and sell. And we're experts in the installation and maintenance of those systems. Our people are factory trained and certified, and are ready to put their expertise to work for you.

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