Our phone service is second to none in Hilo, HI

Expert sales and service

Founded in 1976, the Communication Center of Hawaii dealt initially with consumer electronics such as scanners, CB radios and 2-way business radios and repeaters. Additionally full repair and installation services were also offered. Beginning in 1979, we applied to the FCC and State of Hawaii Public Utilities Commission for paging license and mobile telephone services.

When we began offering mobile telephones, our customers immediately began asking if we could supply them with office telephone equipment. This was an immediate success. Since then we have steadily increased our offerings in size and variety.

Phone service in Hilo, HI

Our Selection

When it comes to providing phone serviceto our clients, we understand that not every system will fit the needs of every business. That's why our Hawaii based team will discuss your needs with you to ensure the best match from our impressive selection of phone systems to the needs of your business. We'll make sure that the system and services we provide you will fit your needs and budget!

Phone service in Hilo, HI

Our Systems

From single site phone systems to more extensive networked systems that can serve several sites over any distance, we have the equipment to serve your needs. Whether you need a phone system to handle a small office or high-volume multi-line and/or multi-site configurations, we can make it happen. Our Hilo team can assess your needs and determine if a Voice Over IP system is best for you, or a more conventional system is best. 

As a Certified Dealer with Vertical, we guarantee to provide you with the system that works the best for you.

Phone service in Hilo, HI

Our Promise

When you choose to trust us with your phone service needs, you're putting your trust in Hilo's very best. Our service technicians headquarters are located on island. We understand the need for solid, reliable communications. And we promise that the phone service that we'll provide you will not only be cost-effective, but will integrate with your existing business systems seamlessly. It's what we do! And we stand by everything we sell, install, and service. That's our promise to you!

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